Have you read the first THREE books in our Extinction series yet? The reviews are pouring in, and it’s being called a non-stop ride that readers can’t put down! Get caught up now, before book four releases!

I’ve got TWO free books for you! But hurry… this promo expires at midnight tonight!! (4/10/21)

First is the psychological thriller, Echo of Fear

Vacation isn’t supposed to be terrifying-Chris Echo thought the perfect escape from the terrors of her life as a CSI profiler would be a private island in the South Pacific. But the tropical setting proves to be anything but peaceful when she soon finds herself trapped in the middle of something far more dangerous.

Kyle Stone’s own demons aren’t anything a remote luxury island can fix. He and the guerrilla band he’s infiltrated for a long undercover mission are traveling to an exchange. When a storm washes them ashore they take the resort’s guests as hostages. Stone is left with the choice to either keep his cover intact or save their lives–including the life of a beautiful woman who may just be his salvation.

Each of the island’s visitors harbors different fears, but they’re about to confront the ultimate one–the struggle between life and death. In the midst of the turmoil, Chris realizes that perhaps death isn’t her greatest challenge after all. Sometimes, it can be your own memories that destroy you.

The second book is the 11th story in the Samantha Wolf Mystery Series, The Secret of Sanctuary. A lighter tale that’s still full of twists and plenty of excitement! Perfect for fans of Nancy Drew and Trixie Beldon.

The mountains of Sanctuary are hiding a secret…

A camping trip takes an unexpected turn when Sam and her friends encounter some strange things in the woods. An archeological dig near the campground starts off as intriguing, but it’s soon apparent to Sam that things aren’t what they seem.

With a local legend to unravel, Sam, Ally, and the rest of the gang delve into a mystery that reaches far into the past. Solving it will take more than simply revealing the truth. It’ll require a tenacity that only Sam can wield and the help of her friends to see it through to the end.

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