The first book in our new post-apocalyptic thriller, Point of Extinction, is here! Grab your copy now for only .99, or read it for free with the Kindle Unlimited program.

An ancient killer. A nation torn apart. One woman will stop at nothing to save her family – or die trying.

Tired of the usual post-apocalyptic story? Welcome to your new addiction.

An underwater explosion devastates a chain of islands.

A mysterious illness begins to spring up across the world.

Earthquakes shatter the west coast, causing untold damage and loss of life.

To the ordinary observer, these events appear random and coincidental – but for some they’re all pieces of a global puzzle that leads to one conclusion: the end of humanity.

In a desperate race against time, the survivors must not only survive but learn to adapt to an insidious set of foes, each more dangerous than the last.

From the #1 best-selling post-apocalyptic author Mike Kraus, writing with best-seller Tara Ellis, comes a terrifying post-apocalyptic survival thriller tale that’s guaranteed to keep you up at night.

Point of Extinction is a 6-book post-apocalyptic survival thriller series from the authors of Flashpoint, Final Dawn, Surviving the Fall and Storm’s Fury. With a deep emphasis on characters and real-world science, this post-apoc tale will keep you reading well into the night.

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