After the Crash – A New Post-Apocalyptic Series!

An infected rogue quantum computer. A complicit terrorist organization. And a town at the center of a fight for humanity.

If you’re a fan of the series Jericho and love a little mystery and suspense with your apocalypse, After the Crash is a can’t- miss series! Book six is currently the HIGHEST rated eBook in the top one-hundred post-apocalyptic stories on Amazon, and the reviews tell you everything you need to know.

Road to Redemption is a nonstop thrill ride, full of intense scenes and heart-stopping twists. An excellent finale as it brings to close an exciting series with wonderful characters and storylines.
Definitely a story and series to read and recommend.
– Scott, Amazon Customer

The series had me binge-reading and had character twists that I did not anticipate. Recommend this for all of the post-apocalyptic fans. – Amazon Customer

I was so glued to the story that I read the series in a week
The end was as thrilling as the first book, and it never slowed down
Great characters and a terrific plot line that had more twists and turns than a bent corkscrew
🤣 – Allison, Amazon Customer

Read all six books in this epic series, but be careful — you’ll have a hard time stopping!

*All of my books are a part of the Kindle Unlimited Program

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